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Your End-to-End

ERP+WMS Solution

Monadem is the ultimate choice for product manufacturers and distributors who are seeking to optimize their supply chain, increase their operational and managerial productivity, and connect their workflows into an integrated, automated, and user-friendly management solution.

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Determin The Deficiencies And Processes To Be Improved

Identification of Your Real Needs

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Lack of Visibility

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Loss of Goods

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Waste Management

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Real-Time Inventory Tracking

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Customer Credit Recovery

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Expiry of Products in Stock

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Delivery Management

Perfect Alignment with Your Priorities

Secure and streamline your preparation operations and control the flow of your inventory with Monadem’s modules and functions, all while maintaining continuous communication with your back-office.

⚡ Process Automation

Automate the replenishment of goods, the sending of customer payment reminders and the scheduling of deliveries and free your employees from time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

🏢 Multi-Company Management

entralize the management of your multiple companies in a single solution and navigate easily between your B2B and B2C businesses with Monadem’s intuitive system.
Interconnect the purchasing and selling processes of the different entities to operate in synergy and gain time and efficiency.

📦 Hybrid Preparation System

Instead of choosing a single picking method, you can now alternate between batch picking and order picking to meet your customers’ varying needs and optimize your resources.

🛒 Smooth Execution of Your Orders

Protect the environment and reduce the cycle time of your orders thanks to the optimal locations and picking paths generated by Monadem.

Mastered and Smooth Evolution of Your Processes

Progressive digitization of each of your departments and support for your employees throughout the process for effective change management.

🎓 Training

Targeted educational sessions for each department in your company and access to online resources on Monadem Academy.

👨‍💻 Customer Success

Reachable by email and Whatsapp to accompany and assist you in all your operations.

🚀 Deployment

Launching operations with Monadem and familiarising users with the new operation.

🗃 Data Migration

Secure transfer of all your databases from your old software and webstores to the Monadem cloud.

Continuous Visualization of your Performance Indicators

Up to


reduction in handling costs

Up to


order management optimization and inventory visibility

Up to


error elimination

Reinvent To Differentiate

Expand your business and improve your competitiveness with advanced features and modules that keep up with industry innovations.

🏬 Intelligent Inventory Management

Ensure the availability of your goods and place the right stock in the right place at the right time with the optimizations offered by Monadem to reduce the cost of your inventory and improve procurement performance.

👨‍💻 Custom Development

Take advantage of features designed specifically for your business to increase your competitive edge and accelerate your workflow automation.

📈 BI Reporting

Make effective and data-driven decisions with Monadem’s BI reporting. You can customize reports for each department and present them in a synthetic and comprehensible way for your collaborators.

Our International Community

Meet a selection of our clients around the world.

What Our Clients Say About Our Monadem ERP+WMS

Mohamed MechbalCEO of Mia Trading

Monadem has been a great help to us during the Covid pandemic and also during the current crisis. Monadem allows us to reduce production costs, both in terms of energy and manpower, and even opening and closing times, because when we close earlier, we save time and energy.

Michael BurtonFounder of Cutting Edge

The support from Monadem Labs is excellent. We requested some feature improvements that were delivered in an updated version. I highly recommend Monadem.

Leslie De KockHead of IT at Con-X-ion

Communication with Monadem Labs support team has been easy, with a quick response every time we had a question.

Simonne CoulembierFounder of Coulembier

Monadem has been an incredible time-saver for us. We no longer need to calculate purchase orders and invoices manually. In addition, we have full visibility over the stock of products and over all the transactions carried out. Monadem is a very powerful and scalable ERP.

Nicolas PlantéFounder of Air Naturel

Monadem Labs listened and analyzed our needs to deliver a solution that met our expectations. In the end, it was a good experience with a friendly team that met its deadlines and offered a very competitive price.

Sebastian GrunowFounder of Klein Fabriek

Customers are satisfied more quickly, the workload has been reduced and all service cases are perfectly documented. The Monadem Labs team provides fast and reliable support. What more could we ask for?

Kevin CHINGFounder of VINI VINI

The whole team of Monadem Labs has been of an outstanding professionalism from the beginning to the end. Despite the difficulties of time differences, the staff knew how to adapt to our situation. The module that we ordered prompted modifications and we were surprised to see the speed of the service.

Abdelwafi BoulouadCEO of Four Stars

Monadem has saved us! What we used to dream about, we have made a reality with Monadem. This system is reliable and simple and you save at least 30% for sure! We have everything under control, what goes in and what comes out. This saves you time and a lot of energy with regard to your customers.

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